Lindsey’s Wedding Shower

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Last Sunday was Lindsey’s wedding shower. Four of us helped to throw it. She has an old style theme going on in her wedding so there were lots of mason jars.

Wedding shower table settings

There was a bag and a half of kisses in each of those jars… let’s just say I made sure people took them home so I wasn’t┬átempted to eat them all!

The party favors were a big hit. Everyone ate one before they left… and I may or may not have taken, like, 8 home… Oreo is irresistible though!!!

Bride and Groom Cake Pops

The big day is coming up in early January, and I know the happy couple are really excited.

L & J

I’ll post more pictures from the wedding! We’re getting our hair and make up professionally done so I’m looking forward to some really good pictures!

Is anyone else in the midst of wedding celebrations?

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