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I have been wanting to make a trip up to Santa Barbara since 2008. Fortunately, on Sunday I finally got to visit with one of my besties, Aiko. I have had a number of friends go to school there and I was also considering going there too (too expensive though, ya know how it goes). Anyway, it did not disappoint!

One of my friends who went to school there gave us a great list of things to do.

Santa Barbara Itinerary

First, we hit up State Street for lunch.

State Street, Santa Barbara

It took us an hour, but we finally found a nice Italian Restaurant to eat at. I highly recommend it!

Bucatini Restaurant in Santa Barbara

She got spinach and mushroom raviolis.

Bucatini's raviolis

I got rissoto with artichokes.

Rissoto with artichokes in Santa Barbara

Then we went to the beach where artists set up their work. There was also a small lagoon next to the sand. After that, we headed to the Funk Zone and looked at a few museums and decided to partake in some wine tasting. (please ignore the shoes, we had to do a lot of walking and I have too many injuries to wear flimsy shoes)

Wine Tasting at the Santa Barbara Winery

After that, we went to the Courthouse to look out of the viewing tower. It was so beautiful up there! It had a clear view of the bluffs, mountains, town, and ocean. Amazing. We took a long time at the winery so by the time we got there it was going to close soon. We then booked it to the mission, but unfortunately that had just closed. That didn’t stop us from taking a picture outside of it though!

Standing in front of the Santa Barbara Mission #ElCaminoReal

We were supposed to go to Backyard Bowls (a place with huge bowls of desserts), but it had also closed by then. So instead, we hit up IV (Isla Vista) and got cookiewiches from IV Drip. She got mint n’ chip ice cream with red velvet and snickerdoodle cookies, and I got churro ice cream with snickerdoodle and reese’s cookies.

Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches from IV Drip

We went to explore the campus while we ate those monsters, and by tour the campus I mean check out the view of the ocean from the bluffs and walk along the lagoon. We found this cool stone maze as we were exploring.

A maze made out of stones at UC Santa Barbara

After our adventures at UCSB we were pretty tired so we decided to head home, eat some pho, and call it a night!


What is the best day trip you have ever taken?

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