My Bucket List

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Everybody gets busy with life, right? Well I certainly have, but I never stop dreaming. To remind myself of what I want to accomplish with my time here on Earth, I am going to include a list on this blog to keep me motivated to never stop achieving those dreams and goals. The following are things that I want to do/accomplish.

Bucket List:

  1. Go paddle boarding
  2. Heal shins
  3. Practice Muay Thai/some type of martial arts
  4. Complete 75 pushups in a row
  5. Travel to Costa Rica
  6. Travel to Europe
  7. Travel to Hawaii
  8. Travel to Mexico
  9. Make one new recipe a week
  10.  Start a food blog
  11. Record a new song
  12. Go to at least 3 concerts
  13. Learn country line dances
  14. Learn Spanish and German
  15. Get my pastry certificate
  16. Get a new job
  17. Learn to play the piano and guitar
  18. Run a marathon
  19. Run a mud run/Tough Mudder
  20. Upkeep an edible garden
  21. Own my own business


What is on your bucket list?

Do you ever feel so bogged down by everyday circumstances that you put hobbies and goals on the back burner?

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