Stuffed this Weekend: Blackfish vs Sea World

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SeaWorld or Slave World

This weekend I was supposed to go to a protest, but I got sick and unfortunately could not attend. I know a lot of people have seen Blackfish, and I also know that a lot of you have not. If you have not seen the documentary, all I ask is that you keep an open mind. If what I am arguing does not seem right to you, I hope that you research it and maybe actually watch the documentary.

About a month ago my aunt, uncle, and two cousins were late for a family party because they were protesting at Sea World. My Aunt had watched Blackfish and was upset over Sea World’s behavior. Unlike most people, she actually took action. I did not personally watch the documentary until 2 weeks ago. Once I watched the film though, I became appalled at the misguided information and the secrets Sea World told and withheld to the public, and even its employees.

In Blackfish, a documentary about the capture of a wild orca named Tillokum, you find out that while Sea World portrays itself as a refuge for rescue animals, they actually breed whales in captivity. Tillokum was taken from the wild from another amusement park and bought by Sea World for his sperm. This whale had killed one trainer from the previous amusement park, yet the trainers working with him at Sea World seemed to have no knowledge of his prior background or actions. While you can blame the whale for being a killer, you must understand that orcas travel hundreds of thousands of miles a year in the ocean and were not meant to sit in small tanks their entire lives. Tillokum was clearly frustrated and upset by his circumstances. Sadly, Sea World’s trainers and Tillokum ended up paying the price as he is still at Sea World and trainers there have suffered injury and one even died from attacks.

While Blackfish focused mainly on Tillokum, it also shed light on the fact that Sea World has split up two pairs of mother orcas from their babies. In the wild, orcas travel in family packs and the babies never leave their mothers until death. Sea World thought it was best to transfer the babies to different parks because they were interfering with the mother’s shows. What happened to Sea World caring about the animals and caring about research to aid animals?

Now, Russia has captured 7 wild orcas and are planning to use two of them in the winter Olympics for profit and entertainment purposes. There is a petition going on here that you can sign to help fight this. Please, if you care at all about this world and the animals that live in it, sign the petition. It takes less than one minute. People are always complaining about terrible circumstances but never take the initiative to fight for better. Please have the courage to speak up and fight for animals that have no voice.

*****I must note that these are my opinions based off of watching the documentary Blackfish. It is a mini summary of the documentary and I may not have all of the facts or details pertaining to the documentaries’ views or Sea Worlds’.

Have you taken up any animal or human activist rights roles or actions lately?
Will you be going to Sea World anymore?

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