Nutrition Wednesday: Alcohol


I, like most of my fellow American adults, enjoy a good alcoholic beverage every now and then. Personally, I like Risata Moscato wine that comes in the blue bottles sold at Costco (and I don’t enjoy much else haha). Delish! Unfortunately, I tend to avoid drinking on a daily or even weekly basis, as alcohol tends to have A LOT of calories. I’m here to tell you today though, that if you do drink on a weekly basis or whatever basis, there are benefits to consuming moderate amounts of alcohol. Basically, if you’re an average girl and you drink 1 drink a day or an average male and you drink 2 drinks a day, you lower your risk of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. Please note, I am NOT speaking to the heavy binge drinking college students because let’s be REAL, that type of behavior is NEVER going to be healthy on any level! The following is a list of some tips and information about alcohol that either you may not have known or never considered:

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Fitness Friday 7/11

I LOVE these nail stick-on decals by Sally Hanson (Salon effects) that I bought at the swapmeet for under 2 bucks! I think I’m going to change them up to a Japanese flower design though since my nail polish lasts like 1 day… yeah. Oh and please excuse my little dry child hands.

Pink Nails

I also thought I’d share this funny little contradiction (that is not the word I am looking for but I can’t think of the word!!!). You can get it at an Asian restaurant around my area….and I don’t think it is imitation vegetarian shrimp, if imitation shrimp even exists….

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Nutrition Wednesday: Blueberries and Dark Chocolate!

I am going to attempt to hold myself accountable to a Nutrition Wednesday series where I will be pulling information from my previous nutrition class to inform you guys about different foods and ways of eating! Some of this information was mind boggling, but please note that these posts are my opinion and interpretation of information from the class and textbook! Anyway, I thought I’d start off the first Nutrition Wednesday by talking about the benefits of blueberries and chocolate. There has been a lot of controversial claims about both of these foods, so I’m hoping to clear the air a little bit.


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4th of July Weekend and Other Life Updates

July 4th Flags

It was a good fourth of July weekend! My entire street and the surrounding streets were covered by flags on flags! I apologize, I know I’ve been MIA for a while. I just got so bogged down by work for teaching that I never felt I had time to post and still remain sane! Anyway, I’m sure most of you would agree that the three day weekend was magnificent (happy birthday Amurica!) and even better news is that I will be on summer break after one more week (I decided to teach summer school for 2 weeks).

This weekend I actually used my GPS watch a lot! I ran 45 to 55 minutes each day to train for the San Francisco Nike Half Marathon I’ll be running in October. I’ve ran over 13 miles before for cross country practice in high school, but it’s been a while. I thought I’d share my mile splits to keep me motivated and maybe motivate some of y’all! Here they are: Continue reading

A Day in the Life…

I wanted to do a more traditional blog post all about my day today. But first, I think I need to provide some background information on myself. So my last year and a half of college I worked two jobs, ran track and cross country, and was enrolled in 16 units. Pretty much, I cried at least once a month (but let’s not kid ourselves it was probably more like once a week) because I was so stressed out and just beyond my capacity. I went straight from that into grad school where I worked on the weekends, taught during the week days, and went to school at night after teaching all day. Basically, I tend to overload myself with commitments (ongoing since high school). But it matches my crazy type A personality SO WELL!! Anyway, I am still a busy bee (hence the lack of posts), but I really want to take the time to start becoming a healthier person (note my post here on being more healthy). I mean healthy in terms of physically, mentally, and spiritually. Today, I focused on the mental and physical aspects. Soo… here goes!

Dear Readers,

Today my day started off with oatmeal on the go (aka eating oatmeal while stopped at lights… don’t try it at home kids!) on my way to work. It was minimum day because the kiddos had finals, thus I did a lot of grading for final second quarter grades.

After work, I got my run on! 3.37 miles at a 8:53 average mile pace (not so fast considering I used to be a division 1 college athlete)
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Healthy(ish) Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

20140123_180326 I jumped on the healthy band wagon and decided to make some healthy cookies. I’ve been CRAVING oatmeal cookies so I decided to use oats in this cookie recipe. Some days I really believe that desserts are meant to be fattening and sweet, while other days I want to have my cake and eat it too. I guess today I was feeling the latter. First things first, preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Continue reading

Rainbow Cupcakes


This weekend has been a busy one! I had three birthday parties to attend on Saturday, but unfortunately only made it to two. One was all the way in Los Angeles so that didn’t help for timing. In any case, on Friday I helped my friend Breanna bake and decorate cupcakes and a cake for the first party (an old coworkers’ daughter turned 3). Nothing fancy for the cake part (just box mixes), but we did use a Martha Stewart recipe for the butter cream icing. We also used a number of tips to decorate the cupcakes. We used the following recipe to make the icing: Continue reading

Red Velvet Cupcakes Try #1

My brother and his wife are expecting in March… did I tell you that already? So, I am thinking about making the desserts for the baby shower that’s coming up soon. I was sick all weekend with the flu and am losing my voice; however, I still managed to test out some recipes. This will be kind of a review of two different recipes. Two superstar, celebrity chefs if you will: Martha Stewart and Paula Deen (can I just say how ironic this is that they both have gotten bad publicity and I grouped them together?… yeah I guess it’s not that funny). Anyway, I tested out Paula Deen’s cream cheese frosting recipe and Martha Stewart’s red velvet cupcake recipe. Below I included both recipes and my review. If you have made either of these, any suggestions are welcome and wanted!

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Stuffed this Weekend: Blackfish vs Sea World

SeaWorld or Slave World

This weekend I was supposed to go to a protest, but I got sick and unfortunately could not attend. I know a lot of people have seen Blackfish, and I also know that a lot of you have not. If you have not seen the documentary, all I ask is that you keep an open mind. If what I am arguing does not seem right to you, I hope that you research it and maybe actually watch the documentary. Continue reading