[Healthier] Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

Oatmeal Pumpkin Cookies made with Greek yogurt and wheat flour

It’s almost fall! Well… it’s getting close anyway. My favorite thing about fall is pumpkin! Pumpkin everything! I will buy almost anything if it is pumpkin flavored. It’s a terrible obsession, but someone’s gotta have it! I’ve been pinning pumpkin recipes like crazy for the past few days and finally couldn’t resist to try one out. I know it’s Labor day and pumpkin isn’t really a Labor day food per say, but I decided to go against the grain! Since I like to make my recipes healthier to make me feel better about the copious amounts of desserts I eat, I decided to make some modifications to this one. I subbed out some of the flour for whole wheat flour, and I subbed half of the butter for greek yogurt. Here goes… Continue reading

Fitness Friday 8/28

The shoes I wear for fitness during the week
My Achilles is clearly not getting any better, so instead of continuously running in pain or feeling pain every other run, I decided to take the week off. Time off now is better than later when it’s too late to get back into shape for the half marathon. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been pretty lazy this week. I did a few Tabata workouts and a really long walk, and that’s pretty much it! I’ve been really stressed out about starting up the school year again so I’ve been preoccupied with that. Continue reading

Nutrition Wednesday: Fasting

Fasting causes you to crave food and over eat

When I was in high school, my friends and I would “fast” before school dances to look good in our dresses. Some of us took it further than others, but we all thought cutting calories two weeks before a dance would make all of the difference. Unfortunately, we also didn’t know how dangerous these behaviors were. Your body needs glucose (fuel) throughout the day and if it cannot get it from incoming food, it will take it from the proteins in your lean tissues. Continue reading

Breakfast Sandwiches

I’m pretty lazy when it comes to cooking. On weekend mornings I usually try to eat eggs, and eating eggs usually turns into making breakfast sandwiches. They’re just so tasty and easy to make! Oh, and my boyfriend will even help make these.
Breakfast sandwiches make a great morning breakfast that's easy and tasty!I’m telling you, it’s all about the cheese! I have made these so so so many times, but they just don’t taste the same without cheese. Continue reading

Fitness Friday 8/22

So I have finally accepted the fact that I need to take a day off in between each run day (besides Friday/Saturday so I can get in 4 days a week) for my Achilles and shins to survive. I started doing that this week and my Achilles feels great!! My shins also hurt less too. I also have been running 9 minute miles instead of 8 minute miles. It’s a bummer for me, but at least I can run and fairly injury free. I haven’t been doing strength workouts as I’ve had pretty much no time to (school professional development started this week). Nonetheless, here are my workouts for this past week:

Saturday the 16th, at the Wetlands (dirt) my Achilles hurt pretty bad. Same ol’ story people! So anyway, you can see I had to stop the run short and I walked the 10 minutes back to my car. Whomp whomp.

Run on August 16th at the Wetlands Continue reading

Nutrition Wednesday: Weight Loss

weight loss woesThere have been so so so many fad diets over the years and none of them have had big results. Yet, people continue to buy into these fad diets because we want results now. Everything we do in life has turned into activities that give us immediate gratification, and we want that in terms of weight loss too. Well, the pounds didn’t go on in 5 days and they’re sure as heck not coming off in 5 days either. As much as I would love to lose 10 pounds in a week, that just doesn’t happen. Most huge weight losses occurring in short time frames (let’s say 1 to 2 weeks to be on the more extreme side) are just water weight. If a diet sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is (sorry). You need to find an eating pattern that works with your lifestyle or you will never retain the weight loss. That means you shouldn’t cut all of the carbs out of your diet or just eat fruits for three days in a row because no body naturally eats like that. It’s all about balance. Continue reading

Jam Cookies

My brother’s wife makes A-MAZING jam butter cookies! She would send over a dozen or two at a time and my family would devour them in 3.2343543656553 seconds. Being a dessert lover, I obviously asked her for the recipe. I do not like jam in my desserts (like the jam in the middle of danishes and things of that nature), but I love these cookies.

Buttery cookies filled with jams Continue reading