Nutrition Wednesday: Fiber

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Fiber is advertised on so many whole grain food boxes it’s not even funny. Here some fiber, there some fiber, everywhere there seems to be fiber. It’s even found in veggies and fruits. So, what’s so special about fiber, beyond the fact that they always seem to be targeting older people to consume it?


  • helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • reduces heart and artery disease risks
  • reduces diabetes risks (I need this since it runs in my family and I eat desserts 24/7… yikes)
  • reduces bowel disease risks
  • helps maintain a healthy weight — yes please!


Basically there are two types of fiber. Soluble fiber pretty much takes the cake in terms of preventing diabetes, heart, artery risks and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Insoluble fiber is good for your digestion.


So if you want to consume soluble fiber here are some foods you may wish to consume:

  • whole grains (especially oat bran and barley)
  • veggies (especially brussels sprouts)
  • legumes (black beans, lima beans, and kidney beans especially)
  • oats — they get their own category because I love em!


Happy fiber filling!

What is your favorite source of fiber?

Please note that I am *not* a nutritionist or nutrition expert, this is information based on my own knowledge and experience that I took away from the book Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies by Sizer and Whitney. Please consult a doctor before starting any nutrition routine, taking any supplements, or prescribing to any diet. 

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