Nutrition Wednesday: Choosing Fats

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What constitutes healthy fats?I love butter. Most bakers do. I mean, look at Paula Deen, she is like the QUEEN of butter. Unfortunately, I don’t like how butter makes me feel. Fats can be unfair like that. For that reason, I thought I’d make a list of tips for cutting out unnecessary saturated fats and substituting them for good fats. Remember, good fats are necessary for a balanced diet.

  • The more liquid the butter, the better the chances it mostly consists of unsaturated fats = good!
  • When oil is the first ingredient in a butter/margarine, it’s more likely to contain unsaturated fats as opposed to saturated fats.
  • Be careful that fat free items don’t just contain more sugar or fake fats. They’re iffy.
  • When cooking for yourself, keep in mind the following healthier options:
    • don’t fry your food
    • leave out toppings and add-ons that are bad fats (like butter, cheese, creamy mixes)
    • use lean meats (turkey, chicken)
    • choose low fat snacks like plain popcorn or an apple over cookies, etc.
  • If you need to eat out for one, two , or four meals (hey, it happens), keep these points in mind:
    • salads can be okay, but beware of toppings
    • chili with minimal toppings is fine
    • grilled chicken or fish sandwiches are okay
    • leave out butters and sour creams if possible
  • Remember: you need to have cheat days and splurge sometimes. Go eat those wings on game night that you’ve been resisting for a week (or a day?) and then make sure you’re back on track the next day!

I personally use and recommend Smart Balance butter if that helps your butter woes at all! I hope this list is helpful!

What delicious fats have you been eating lately?

Please note that I am *not* a nutritionist or nutrition expert, this is information based on my own knowledge and experience that I took away from the book Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies by Sizer and Whitney. Please consult a doctor before starting any nutrition routine, taking any supplements, or prescribing to any diet. 

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