Paradise Point, San Diego

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Over spring break (like 2 weeks ago), my mother and I made a trip down to San Diego (I hope you are pronouncing it in your head like Will Farrell does on Anchor Man… because you know I am!) for some R&R. We went to our favorite resort, Paradise Point.
Paradise Point

This place is very special to me because my mom, dad, and I used to go here every year for my dad’s work conference. It was the one trip a year where my three brothers were left at home and I got all of the attention. My first time in the hotel room I said that it was like being in heaven (I was 10… let’s keep some perspective here). Anyway, my dad would be in meetings all day, and my mom and I would go to the pool and feed ducks all day.

Paradise Point birds

The place is filled with ponds and ducks. We buy duck food at a local store (like 9 pounds worth) and package it into brown bags to bring with us wherever we go. Unfortunately, I got sick with a cold so I mostly stayed in the hotel room when I wasn’t feeding ducks (yeah, we’re weirdly obsessed with feeding ducks, get over it).

Me feeding a duck

The duck featured above was “my duck.” Half of the top of his beak was gone, but he would stand in front of me and basically eat out of my hand. When I dropped food out of my hand, he would hop up to eat it. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Best duck ever.

On the first day there my mom and I climbed the observation tower stairs and there was a beautiful view of San Diego. While climbing the stairs, my mom also got to face one of her fears (heights). Unfortunately, I have no good pictures of this. Overall, it was a nice mini-getaway. I’m also glad I got to go with my mom because in a year I’ll be moving out and seeing her less. I think it will be hard for both of us, so I’m really glad we got to spend some time together.

lily pads

Until another time Paradise Point… until another time.

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