Big Bear

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This week my family and I went on a last minute excursion to Big Bear! We rented this nice cabin with an amazing loft!cabin While up here, I found my new favorite English muffins. Too bad they’re only out for a limited time like they’re pumpkin counterparts in the fall. eng muffin I also went shopping a bit and got some new kicks (the brown ones… I really liked the black ones too though!). kicks For fitness fun, we were going to rent jet skis but the prices were kind of steep so we went to Captain John’s where my brother ended up renting a kayak and I finally got to try out a stand up paddle board. I have been waiting to go on a paddle board for two years. I was not disappointed, but man was it a leg workout! I ran a hilly trail behind the Snow Summit Townhouses in the morning that had a beautiful view of the entire town and lake (and of course didn’t bring my camera… errr phone), so balancing myself on the paddleboard was more challenging than I thought it would be. If you’ve never been on one before, I suggest you try it. It’s like surfing, but ten times easier! BTW, please ignore the tan lines. They’ve developed quite nicely from months of running in spandex shorts. sup away   My mom and I also went on a walk across this pretty bridge by the lake. Of course we had to bring Dakota with us too! bb bridgeMy mom, grandma, and I went to the town’s Farmer’s market and found this jam that my friend Mark would LOVE… if he ate jam that is. If you can’t tell from the picture, it’s Fire Ball Whiskey jam. Very unique. jam And for myself I found these little gems! Owls and Mickey Mouse earrings! I love the rhinestones on them. earringsFor dinner we went to Maggio’s, which is a yummy Italian Restaurant. I had a chicken teriyaki calzone and ate the entire thing! calzone We then went into town where my mom and I got a little goofy and rode a bear…. statue that is. mom bbme bb I also bought Esteban a geode that he can smash open himself. Pretty cool if you ask me. Oh, and we also got ice cream… but we kind of ate a lot of it before I remembered to snap a picture. Whoops!spumoni Thus far it has been a very fun trip to say the least!

What is the best Farmer’s Market you have been to?

Where do you vacation in the summer?

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