Fitness Friday 9/4

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Sorry for the day late fitness friday post! I had a crazy day/night yesterday. I went to a bonfire and ended up locking my keys in the car (I’ve done this so many times in my younger years). Anyway, I waited for my boyfriend to get off of work and rescue me and it was a chance coincidence we ran into each other around 8 when I went to look for him since I locked my phone in the car too. He tried to get my door open (cuz he’s handy like that), but to no avail. I eventually called my insurance for assistance and the guy was supposed to be there within 35 minutes. Needless to say, it took him an hour to find us and then he got pulled over by the police 100 feet down the street from us. Yeah, it was not the best situation. Well, moving on, here’s the post that should’ve went up yesterday!

Annnd I’m back at it again. I am starting back at running slowly, but it will be worth it if I can finish the race that’s like, 6 weeks away, yikes! I’ve been mixing in some Tabata workouts and I’ve got to admit that they make me feel better than running does (in terms of work effort). I think if I was doing actual running workouts (sprints, intervals, etc.) I wouldn’t be saying that, but all I can do is really slow running right now so yeah… Anywho, I’m going to increase my running by 10 minutes every week until I reach 60 minutes for Monday, Wednesday, Friday runs so that I can hopefully be in shape by October 18th! Here’s my work this week:

Sunday, 8/30, I ran in suburbia (mainly grass) for 20 minutes and my Achilles didn’t hurt at all woohooo!!!!!! I didn’t use my GPS because I wasn’t sure I’d actually make it. Sorry!

Monday, 9/1, I ran in suburbia again (mainly grass) for 30 minutes this time and I actually lasted! My Achilles was more bothered than Sunday, but wasn’t too bad. Once again, I didn’t use a watch because I was testing out how much my Achilles could take.

Tuesday the 2nd, I did this Tabata workout from Fitsugar (can you tell I’m obsessed with their Tabata workouts??). I love these because they’re super quick so it makes excuses to avoid exercising less likely. They also push you to the limits in such a short time period and work so many muscles.

Wednesday the 3rd, I ran 30 minutes in suburbia (mainly grass). My Achilles was still doing pretty good. I stretch it before I run, a mile into my run, and after my run. Lots and lots of stretching and then ice ice baby!
My training for 9/3

Thursday the 4th, I completed this bad boy! Love me some Fitsugar Tabata! I wish they had more than just 3 videos so I could cycle through them every 2 or 3 weeks instead of every week, but I guess I can’t complain since they are free.

Friday the 5th, I ran another 30 minutes in grassy suburbia.
Running Times for 9/5


What’s your favorite video workout?

Please note that I am *not* a trainer or fitness expert, this is just a workout based on my own knowledge and experience that has personally worked for me. Please consult a doctor before starting any fitness routine.


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