Fitness Friday 8/22

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So I have finally accepted the fact that I need to take a day off in between each run day (besides Friday/Saturday so I can get in 4 days a week) for my Achilles and shins to survive. I started doing that this week and my Achilles feels great!! My shins also hurt less too. I also have been running 9 minute miles instead of 8 minute miles. It’s a bummer for me, but at least I can run and fairly injury free. I haven’t been doing strength workouts as I’ve had pretty much no time to (school professional development started this week). Nonetheless, here are my workouts for this past week:

Saturday the 16th, at the Wetlands (dirt) my Achilles hurt pretty bad. Same ol’ story people! So anyway, you can see I had to stop the run short and I walked the 10 minutes back to my car. Whomp whomp.

Run on August 16th at the Wetlands

Monday the 18th, I took some Ibuprofen before the run so my Achilles only started hurting towards the end of the run.

August 18th run at the wetlands

Wednesday the 20th, at the wetlands (dirt) my Achilles didn’t hurt at all and I even forgot to take Ibuprofen! It was pretty amazing despite the times.

August 20th run at the Wetlands

Friday the 22nd, in suburbia (mainly grass) I only made it 35 minutes before my Achilles started too hurt. I forgot to stretch it out after the first mile so I’m hoping that tomorrow that will do the trick!

August 22nd mile splits

Strength: Sorry folks, it didn’t happen this week! Maybe next week? I’m still getting into the routine of going back to work and I’m not doing very well with it at the moment. I’m sure next week will get better though.


Have you had any pesky injuries?

Please note that I am *not* a trainer or fitness expert, this is just a workout based on my own knowledge and experience that has personally worked for me. Please consult a doctor before starting any fitness routine.

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