Fitness Friday 8/15

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For half of this week my Achilles hurt, and then one of my besties, Maggie, massaged out my calf, and my Achilles felt a lot better! I had a ton of knots. Oh, and the fact that I started taking Tylenol as an anti-inflammatory and ice twice a day is also helping! While massaging out my calf we found a weird bump next to my shin, but it turned out to be a boring cyst or weird vein growth. Anyway, I am going to try to take more days off in between runs to help my Achilles out. I am 99.9% sure this means that I won’t be running today.

Saturday the 9th at the Wetlands (dirt) my Achilles hurt, but it wasn’t unbearable.

my Saturday long run

Sunday the 10th I took off as I went to Santa Barbara!

Monday the 11th at the Wetlands (dirt) my Achilles was acting up so I had to stop three to four times in order to finish the run. I don’t know what I did at Santa Barbara walking around, but my Achilles was not pleased. I also did Pilates before my run. If you look at the splits below, I accidentally pressed split instead of stop when I went to stretch my Achilles out, thus the numbers are a little screwy (as my grandma would say haha).


Tuesday the 12th at the Wetlands (dirt) I had the same problems as Monday, but a little less severe. I also did Pilates before my workout again.

Running splits for sixty minutes

Wednesday the 13th I took off because my Achilles was being a baby on Monday and Tuesday. I also started anti-inflammatory meds today.

Thursday the 14th at the Wetlands (dirt) I finally ran pain free! I warmed up over a mile on my boyfriend’s bike while he ran, and then  I ran for a nice 60 minutes! Here’s to hoping I continue to feel good on my runs!

Mile splits for a 60 minute run

Friday the 15th is another day off to help out my Achilles.

As you can see, my pace has slowed down a lot because I’m afraid pushing it will do more harm than good until my Achilles is better. I’d rather be able to run the entire half marathon than try to train to run it at a high pace and not be able to run at all. Sometimes you’ve just got to accept what is best for you and your body.

Strength Training:

I didn’t get to do as much strength training as I had hoped this week (aka Pilates), but that’s okay. I did two days of Pilates where they hard core focused on abs and butt exercises. I love the side leg lift routine that they do and we work on our core for at least a half an hour. It’s really making me miss yoga though. I’ve been thinking about paying for a gym membership again (through Costco obvi), but I need to scope out how much free time I have when I start working again.


What is your favorite core move?

Please note that I am *not* a trainer or fitness expert, this is just a workout based on my own knowledge and experience that has personally worked for me. Please consult a doctor before starting any fitness routine.

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