Fitness Friday 7/18

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This week has been filled with fitness!

Today I went to the Palos Verdes wetlands with BanĀ for my active rest day and to have a little fun!

me at tidepools

ban tidepools

We didn’t get to see any sea stars, but there were crabs, hermit crabs, sea lions, and CAVES! Really really really cool caves!


fighting crabs

These two guys were fighting up above!

sea lions

We spent about two and a half hours hiking and exploring the wetlands. At different points we had to climb to a vantage point to get around to other tide pools. We didn’t know to bring swimsuits and the caves kind of split the tide pools into sections. Other people were a lot more prepared and did some rock/cliff jumping into the ocean to cross over to the other tide pools.

Earlier this week I did a lot of running. The following are my splits from Sunday through Wednesday:

Sunday the 13th at the wetlands (mostly dirt) where I did my first long run in preparation for my half marathon!

7.13Monday the 14th in suburbia (I think) which is mainly grass:


Tuesday the 15th in suburbia (mainly grass) was my recovery run day so basically I was feeling lazy and my legs felt dead hence the lack of mileage and slow pace.


Wednesday the 16th was a little weird. I trained with the high school kiddos that I coach during track. They did mainly weights so I did about four miles split up in between warming up and weighted exercises and then came home and ran three miles by myself. The following splits are kind of weird and not necessarily from all at one time.


For weights we did walking lunges with weights, push-ups, sit-ups, planks, 400 meter dash, calf raises on a machine, pull downs on a machine, curl ups with a barbell, and jump ropes.

Thursday the 17th I ran at the wetlands, but it was not a normal run. I did a 20 minute warm-up, 20 minutes of hill repeats (10 total hills with jogging back down in between), and then a 20 minute cool down.

Tomorrow is my long run (80 minutes yikes!) so wish me luck!


As mentioned above, I did an hour long weight workout on Wednesday with the high school team I assistant coach for track. I also continued the runner’s strength workout I mentioned last fitness friday (only getting in one day of it unfortunately) with two sets of about 10 to 12 repetitions for each move.


What is your favorite tide pools spot?

Please note that I am *not* a trainer or fitness expert, this is just a workout based on my own knowledge and experience that has personally worked for me. Please consult a doctor before starting any fitness routine.

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