Upstate New York

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Esteban and I were fortunate enough to get to visit my cousins Susan and Matt and Susan’s husband Joseph, in Upstate New York over spring break. Susan and I were best friends growing up, so when she moved to New York I knew I had to go visit her. Bonus: as you can see in the picture on the right, Susan and I have pretty good style when it comes to beanies 😉

Before this trip, I had only ever seen snow fall once before on my bachelorette trip. I had been in slush one time before that trip, so basically snow to me is pretty foreign weather. The first day we arrived snow was falling, and it was also falling our last day there. I basically wore 4 to 5 layers every single day, while my cousins laughed at me and wore normal California clothing.

Out of the three destinations we visited, New York was definitely the coldest; however, I kind of liked the change. It was 80 degrees back home so not sweating for a week in the heat was a nice break. On the first day, we ended up eating at two different bakeries, going on base to see my cousin on her lunch break, and eating at the commisary. I have no idea how the military works, and thus exploring the base was enlightening. We also slept about 5 hours that first day because we had taken a red eye flight. When we woke up, we went to this great Italian place in Sackets Harbor and explored the area that had been part of the war of 1812.

On our second day, they took us to their favorite diner that had mimosas and if you ordered coffee you got a french press!! From driving around, you can tell immediately that diners are a big deal up here. We also went and visited the black river which flows in and out of multiple parts of the area. The river was booming and we kept reminding each other not to get to close to the edge as the current was strong.

Susan has always been braver than me, and this held true on our black river hike. I convinced Esteban to climb the tree, but I wouldn’t attempt it as heights terrify me. Of course I didn’t even need to try to convince Susan to climb it. She voluntarily climbed the tree to its center, even though it was icy and slippery. I obviously had to document her courage with a picture.

On our last day, on my request, they took us to the Adirondacks (mountains near them). We ended up finding a frozen lake that was thick enough to walk on.

My favorite part of this leg of the trip though, is what we didn’t take pictures of. We went to an escape room and it was the first time I had ever been a part of a group that escaped. We also went to a painting store in which Ban and I painted mugs and Susan and Joseph painted canvases. Matt ended up doing a vase. Susan’s painting was definitely the highlight piece. It was a picture of birch trees that was really cool looking.

We also hung out watching funny youtube videos, tv shows, and took a little walk around the complex with their cat. Most trips I’ve taken lately are packed with activities – this leg of the trip felt like the perfect amount of downtime and adventure. It was an actual relaxing, but fun vacation. Susan, if you’re reading this, thanks for having us and showing us a great time 🙂 I’m so thankful we were able to come visit all of you and truly loved the time we spent with you. Love you!

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