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I thought I would share some of the most recent events/activities in my life with mainly just pictures.

I received a beautifully wrapped gift from my boyfriend for my birthday *SPOILER – it’s a Kitchen Aid*
20131211_184437 (1)

I played this hilarious game TWICE

20131225_171222 We stopped at the Alien Jerky store on the way to Vegas

Alien jerky I ate Digiorno pizza with the guys *do you see why I need to start eating healthier*

20131230_180100 I got a manicure courtesy of my boyfriend. Dang I make him look good on my blog…

20131230_162612 I hiked at Red Rock in Nevada. It was BEAUTIFUL!

hike I ate at one of the best breakfast places in Las Vegas..

20131230_133828 And my meal followed by the boys’ meals:



20131230_134735 I dressed up like a hipster for a night out

hipster And then my boyfriend dressed up too… kind of…

ban hipster Polaroid Photo Credit: Adrian Herrera


What have you done over the holiday season?
Have you played any fun new board games lately?

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