Meet Digit!

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Digit the kitten!< –more–!>

Welcome to what, or should I say who, has been keeping me busy! Sorry I haven’t been on in a while, it’s been craziness with teaching and all! This sweet little girl hasn’t been helping me either, but that’s okay! Esteban’s parents found her in their backyard and he decided to keep her. We are co-parenting kind of, as in she lives with him and I visit as much as possible because I am obsessed with how cute she is and because I love animals. Duh. (please forgive the run on sentences!) She’s about 3 to 4 weeks old the vet thinks, and full of fleas but we love her anyway! She has 8 claws on each front paw so she’s poly dactyl! So cool! Esteban named her Digit because she has so many claws.

Digit the kitten!

I was so overwhelmed buying all of the supplies for her as I am a dog person and have never owned a cat before (my dad’s allergic). That, along with figuring out how to actually take care of a cat was a lot to take in on one day. Luckily, cats are way easier to manage than dogs, and since she doesn’t live with m,e Esteban got stuck doing most of the work (like using a cotton swab to make her pee, cleaning up poop, and bathing her – although sometimes I help bathe her too).

Digit at Vet

I still have a list of things to get her though. Here are a few:

1. Scratching Post

2. Cat carrier – with soft sides so she’s more comfy

3. step in litter box (we’re just using a plastic tub right now)

4. More toys!

5. Collar (preferably pink with rhinestones, but Esteban’s not liking the rhinestone idea….lame)

6. Leash – because like any responsible pet owner, I want to be that weird neighbor who takes their cat on walks

Digit Baby Bottle


As you can see, since she is only 3 to 4 weeks old we had to feed her with a bottle for a few days. It made for very cute pictures! And no new kitten adoption is complete without a Simba(Lion King) pose… she melts my heart!

Digit in the Lion King pose


As I said, I’m a dog person, but this kitten sure is growing on me!!

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