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I wanted to do a more traditional blog post all about my day today. But first, I think I need to provide some background information on myself. So my last year and a half of college I worked two jobs, ran track and cross country, and was enrolled in 16 units. Pretty much, I cried at least once a month (but let’s not kid ourselves it was probably more like once a week) because I was so stressed out and just beyond my capacity. I went straight from that into grad school where I worked on the weekends, taught during the week days, and went to school at night after teaching all day. Basically, I tend to overload myself with commitments (ongoing since high school). But it matches my crazy type A personality SO WELL!! Anyway, I am still a busy bee (hence the lack of posts), but I really want to take the time to start becoming a healthier person (note my post here on being more healthy). I mean healthy in terms of physically, mentally, and spiritually. Today, I focused on the mental and physical aspects. Soo… here goes!

Dear Readers,

Today my day started off with oatmeal on the go (aka eating oatmeal while stopped at lights… don’t try it at home kids!) on my way to work. It was minimum day because the kiddos had finals, thus I did a lot of grading for final second quarter grades.

After work, I got my run on! 3.37 miles at a 8:53 average mile pace (not so fast considering I used to be a division 1 college athlete)

After that, I decided that a crossfit workout was a good idea… no no it wasn’t.. but it did hurt SO GOOD! (BTW… you should usually do this type of workout BEFORE cardio… but I like to run before it gets dark). I got 2 rounds done and up to 6 lunges on the third round.

Whole body cross fit workout:

Set a stopwatch for 10 minutes and complete as many sets as you can!

1. 30 sec plank

2. 10 squats

3. 10 pushups

4. 30 sec superman

5. 20 lunges

6. vertical crunches

7. 10 tricep dips

Then I walked rescue dogs at a shelter with my BFF Laura for almost two hours (this is my mental health rehabilitation!). The dogs were so cute and really enjoyed being outside. We even ran into a raccoon that looked VERY interested in the dogs Yikes!

I finally got home around 8 and decided to eat everything that I worked off today… (I run to eat… yeah still working on that..). Plus who can resist nice greasy tacos and Girl Scout Cookies! They are irresistible! Girl scout door to door sales should be illegal to all of us with no self control.

And now I should get back to grading, but let’s face it, I’m just going to watch Netflix until I fall asleep.


<3 Yours truly

Do you keep a journal?
What are your favorite Girl Scout Cookies??

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