My Bucket List (Revisited)

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It is pretty much the end of summer so I thought I would revisit the bucket list that I created like 9 months ago and see how much of it I accomplished. I crossed out anything I did thus far!

Bucket List:

  1. Go paddle boarding
  2. Heal shins
  3. Practice Muay Thai/some type of martial arts
  4. Complete 75 pushups in a row
  5. Travel to Costa Rica
  6. Travel to Europe
  7. Travel to Hawaii
  8. Travel to Mexico
  9. Make one new recipe a week (kind of)
  10.  Start a food blog
  11. Record a new song
  12. Go to at least 3 concerts (only made it to 2 so far…)
  13. Learn country line dances
  14. Learn Spanish and German
  15. Get my pastry certificate
  16. Get a new job
  17. Learn to play the piano and guitar (working on the piano part anyway)
  18. Run a marathon (running a half marathon soon so I’m approaching this!)
  19. Run a mud run/Tough Mudder
  20. Upkeep an edible garden
  21. Own my own business


What have you accomplished from your bucket list so far?
If you don’t have a bucket list, what would you put on it?

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