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Hi, I’m Shelley! I’m a 20-something year old SoCal girl! As a child, I always enjoyed baking cookies and other goods with my mom and grandmothers. My favorite thing to make was oatmeal cookies from the recipe straight off of the Quaker Oats box (some things never change). As I grew up, my love for running and exercising grew as well. As all exercise junkies know, running makes you VERY hungry! It was during those early days of running that I really began to appreciate the taste and luxury of desserts. Needless to stay, I was always stuffed full of desserts (I always joked that my diet consisted of 50% desserts and 50% real food). From then on I made desserts like crazy, stuffing my coworkers’ faces with one cookie/brownie/cake/cupcake recipe at a time. I’m hoping to share some of those wonderful recipes with all of you to enjoy as well!

A little about myself:

  • I love watching t.v. and movies.
  • I love a good book.
  • I’m a sucker for young adult love stories don’t judge.
  • I love baking and have a terrible sweet tooth.
  • I am a practicing Catholic
  • I love love love animals to the point where I pull over to rescue strays and runaways on a daily basis.
  • The only fitness I enjoy is running.

In college I was a Division 1 athlete (runner) and competed in several races. I ended up getting platella femoral (basically runner’s knee) and shin splints my junior year of college so I stopped running for over a year after I graduated. My shin splints have never gone away, but are manageable. I’ve just started running again and am training for races of different lengths. Whether you are a competitive runner or not, I’ll be posting my running and strength workouts every week for you to size up. I’ll also be sharing tips I’ve learned over my years of running experience. I hope you can use some of this information to help further your fitness routine, and I welcome any suggestions from you guys as well!

While the main focus of this blog will be on baking, I will be using it to talk about fitness, nutrition, and other aspects of my life as well. I have currently taken a number of physical education and health classes (to qualify to teach pe), which has made me aware of chronic disease prevention and nutrition. I want to share the knowledge I have learned with you all on this blog!

Thanks for taking this journey with me!




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