Ice Cream Lately

I apologize for the lack of recipes lately. It’s really hard keeping up the blog and working full time. Props to all who do, by the way! Anyway, it has also been ridiculously hot (well just really hot because we SoCal people aren’t used to temperatures above or below 70) so I’ve been avoiding the oven. Instead, I’ve been eating ice cream!! My friends Maggie and Mary invited me to go to Afters Ice Cream Saturday night. They’re famous for their milky buns.
Donuts filled with ice cream
They put ice cream in between donut halves and then warm it up so you get the beautiful hot cold dessert combo! It is so so so good! We got ours with mint monster and cookie monster ice cream in between glazed donuts.
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Fitness Friday 9/4

Sorry for the day late fitness friday post! I had a crazy day/night yesterday. I went to a bonfire and ended up locking my keys in the car (I’ve done this so many times in my younger years). Anyway, I waited for my boyfriend to get off of work and rescue me and it was a chance coincidence we ran into each other around 8 when I went to look for him since I locked my phone in the car too. He tried to get my door open (cuz he’s handy like that), but to no avail. I eventually called my insurance for assistance and the guy was supposed to be there within 35 minutes. Needless to say, it took him an hour to find us and then he got pulled over by the police 100 feet down the street from us. Yeah, it was not the best situation. Well, moving on, here’s the post that should’ve went up yesterday!

Annnd I’m back at it again. I am starting back at running slowly, but it will be worth it if I can finish the race that’s like, 6 weeks away, yikes! I’ve been mixing in some Tabata workouts and I’ve got to admit that they make me feel better than running does (in terms of work effort). I think if I was doing actual running workouts (sprints, intervals, etc.) I wouldn’t be saying that, but all I can do is really slow running right now so yeah… Anywho, I’m going to increase my running by 10 minutes every week until I reach 60 minutes for Monday, Wednesday, Friday runs so that I can hopefully be in shape by October 18th! Here’s my work this week:

Sunday, 8/30, I ran in suburbia (mainly grass) for 20 minutes and my Achilles didn’t hurt at all woohooo!!!!!! I didn’t use my GPS because I wasn’t sure I’d actually make it. Sorry! Continue reading

[Healthier] Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

Oatmeal Pumpkin Cookies made with Greek yogurt and wheat flour

It’s almost fall! Well… it’s getting close anyway. My favorite thing about fall is pumpkin! Pumpkin everything! I will buy almost anything if it is pumpkin flavored. It’s a terrible obsession, but someone’s gotta have it! I’ve been pinning pumpkin recipes like crazy for the past few days and finally couldn’t resist to try one out. I know it’s Labor day and pumpkin isn’t really a Labor day food per say, but I decided to go against the grain! Since I like to make my recipes healthier to make me feel better about the copious amounts of desserts I eat, I decided to make some modifications to this one. I subbed out some of the flour for whole wheat flour, and I subbed half of the butter for greek yogurt. Here goes… Continue reading

Fitness Friday 8/28

The shoes I wear for fitness during the week
My Achilles is clearly not getting any better, so instead of continuously running in pain or feeling pain every other run, I decided to take the week off. Time off now is better than later when it’s too late to get back into shape for the half marathon. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been pretty lazy this week. I did a few Tabata workouts and a really long walk, and that’s pretty much it! I’ve been really stressed out about starting up the school year again so I’ve been preoccupied with that. Continue reading

Nutrition Wednesday: Fasting

Fasting causes you to crave food and over eat

When I was in high school, my friends and I would “fast” before school dances to look good in our dresses. Some of us took it further than others, but we all thought cutting calories two weeks before a dance would make all of the difference. Unfortunately, we also didn’t know how dangerous these behaviors were. Your body needs glucose (fuel) throughout the day and if it cannot get it from incoming food, it will take it from the proteins in your lean tissues. Continue reading

7 Tips for Beginning Runners

Tips to help out people who are just starting to run for the first time

I have been running for about 10 years now, and I’ve learned quite a bit over my high school and college careers that I thought might help out those of you who want to start running. These tips can apply to any level of runner though. Continue reading

Breakfast Sandwiches

I’m pretty lazy when it comes to cooking. On weekend mornings I usually try to eat eggs, and eating eggs usually turns into making breakfast sandwiches. They’re just so tasty and easy to make! Oh, and my boyfriend will even help make these.
Breakfast sandwiches make a great morning breakfast that's easy and tasty!I’m telling you, it’s all about the cheese! I have made these so so so many times, but they just don’t taste the same without cheese. Continue reading

Fitness Friday 8/22

So I have finally accepted the fact that I need to take a day off in between each run day (besides Friday/Saturday so I can get in 4 days a week) for my Achilles and shins to survive. I started doing that this week and my Achilles feels great!! My shins also hurt less too. I also have been running 9 minute miles instead of 8 minute miles. It’s a bummer for me, but at least I can run and fairly injury free. I haven’t been doing strength workouts as I’ve had pretty much no time to (school professional development started this week). Nonetheless, here are my workouts for this past week:

Saturday the 16th, at the Wetlands (dirt) my Achilles hurt pretty bad. Same ol’ story people! So anyway, you can see I had to stop the run short and I walked the 10 minutes back to my car. Whomp whomp.

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