December/January 2018 Book Reviews

I finally left my second job and have a bit of extra time again. It has been maybe a year or more since I got to read a book just for fun. Without further ado, here’s what I’ve been reading…


Behind Closed Doors - A NovelThis novel plays with time in that the chapters alternate between past and present. The past timeline eventually catches up to and explains the present timeline, which makes this book quite interesting and keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is about a newlywed couple who seems to have the perfect life, but not everything is quite as it seems. I can’t say more or I’ll be giving too much away. It is a slightly dark, thriller though so be aware! Continue reading

My Wedding on Pi Day 3.14.16

Thank you everyone who helped prep me for my wedding (Brittany,Jill,Maggie, and Susan for running back for the veil and flowers lol!) and thank you everyone who went out of your way to show up to a wedding that was ridiculously held on a Monday night so that our wedding date could be 3.14.16! It seems weddings are always surrounded by drama, but I felt so much love and support I cannot thank you all enough! It made me reflect on what great families and friends Esteban and I are so very blessed and honored to spend our lives with. I thought you all might enjoy some pictures from the night. Til the next wedding — make sure you’re ready to dance!

banandIlaughing Continue reading

Mexican Quinoa

I recently decided to become a Peskatarian (or pescatarian???) (kind of). To stay sane, I’m going to eat meat about one day out of every 2 weeks. Not that vegetarians aren’t sane, I just need a break to know I will commit to it. I was a vegetarian once for a month my freshman year of college, and well, it lasted one month. I’m hoping this allows me to last a year, or who knows how long? Anyway, I’m not putting a time frame on it because it may just last a month again. If you don’t know what a Peskatarian is, let me enlighten you with the Urban Dictionary definition: Someone who is too lazy to be a vegetarian, and will only eat fish. Refraining from the consumption of mammals. So there you have it folks.

Anyway, I’m going to begin cooking more since I feel like I have less options when I go out to eat. I started my cooking journey by making a one pan Mexican quinoa dish featured on Damn Delicious. I modified it just a bit!

one pot mexican quinoa

Mexican Quinoa:

Wedding Planning 102: Finding a Dress

I found my dress about a month ago, but haven’t had time or the willpower to post about it until now. I’ve talked to a lot of people about finding their dress, and unlike me, they knew “it was the one” by a matter of looking at a few dresses. Sometimes it was the first or second dress they tried on. But if you know me, you know that could never happen. I am SO indecisive. So, I looked at David’s Bridal, found two dresses I liked, and then went to look at Alfred Angelo. I found a dress I fell in love with there (Snow White dress with a cape – ridiculous, I know, but when else will wearing a cape in my life be appropriate?), but it was very expensive and they never offer discounts on their Disney collection dresses. So, I went back to David’s Bridal, but still didn’t fall in love with any one dress. Luckily, my friend (Lindsey) knew of a store in Rancho Cucamonga that had nice dresses, and I ended up falling in love with a dress there. It was the complete opposite style of what I wanted, but it looked great on and matched my theme perfectly šŸ™‚

David's Bridal wedding gown with sleeves Continue reading

Wedding Planning 101: Finding a Venue

My friend, Carlotta, suggested that I write about my wedding experience to help others who will eventually go through the same struggles I am facing. So, here I am.Ā I think, at least so far, that finding a venue has been the most stressful part of planning this wedding. I gave myself a month to 6 weeks to find a venue, and luckily I accomplished this goal. Here are my tips, I hope they help.

What to consider when looking for a venue: Continue reading

The Voice Audition

Hi all! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I just auditioned for the voice and wanted to write about my experience so other newbies would know what to expect when they went.

First of all, I arrived 30 minutes before my audition time and there were already hundreds of people in line. The two people in front of me in line were nice enough to talk to me and adopt me into their group for the day. We waited outside in line for about 20 to 30 minutes (in the shade, thank goodness!), and then we waited inside for about 20 minutes until we were sent to the main holding room. Continue reading