Summer Movie Madness!

So Esteban and I kind of have a crazy movie obsession. So crazy that we have seen pretty much all of the good movies Redbox offers and we’ve seen a crap ton of the ones in theaters too. It helps that the theater by my house has days where it only costs 4 bucks to see a movie, but that’s besides the point! A few of the movies we have seen the summer include:

fault in our starsThe Fault in Our Stars with Shailene Woodley was AMAZING!!!! I couldn’t stop crying! Bring tissues with you because you will definitely need them. I also saw… Continue reading

[Healthier] Five Starr Banana Cookies

So one of my instagram/old coworkers posted these AMAZING looking cookies and I found them on her Pinterest board (which apparently I had already pinned but it got lost in my thousands of dessert pins) and knew I just HAD to make them! I also figured that I might as well “healthify” them if I could, since hey, who likes to make a perfectly delicious recipe that has been tested and proved satisfactory? This girl, apparently… Without further ado, here are the addicting little monsters!

banana cookies[Healthy] Five Starr Banana Cookies: Continue reading

Fitness Friday 7/25

This week my mileage increased again. I was a little freaked out until earlier Thursday because my Achilles was hurting. It has never really hurt before, so I was not happy to have ANOTHER injury! In any case, I tried out my new Saucony Ride 6 shoes (I say new because I knew I needed a new pair and bought two on Amazon for only 65 dollars each because they are being discontinued! You can find a link to them at the bottom of the post!), and my Achilles felt magically better! It really was the shoes! Lesson learned, always buy new shoes earlier than you think you need them! If you’re not sure when you need new running shoes, you’re supposed to get new ones every 300 to 500 miles. How would you track your miles? You can always get an app on your phone if you don’t have a gps watch or go to a site called mapmyrun. You can then keep a diary of your running mileage or just add it up from the site/app/watch. Without further ado, here is my fitness this week:

Saturday the 19th at the Wetlands (dirt) I did an 80 minute long run. It was the longest I have since I was in college. As usual, my first mile was somewhat of a warm-up, and I kind of died towards the end. Mile 5ish I sprained my ankle, but luckily I walked/ran it off and it ended up being not so serious.

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Nutrition Wednesday: Added Sugars

sugar intake

A lot has been said about added sugars and high fructose corn syrup. This is probably because the United States population’s obesity rates have dramatically risen in the past decades along with added sugar consumption. We can all blame the manufacturers of our food as they have incorporated 95% of the sugars in our diets to foods and beverages, but come on. We all knowingly indulge in added sugar because we LOVE it! I know I do anyway… as you can see from a certain recipe that will be coming up on Saturday! Anyway, I thought I’d give you a few common rules/insights about sugar and sugar avoidance to help you break out of the sugar trance that we all subscribe to. Continue reading

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

So if you didn’t know yet, I am DEFINITELY NOT a vegan, but I do find vegan/vegetarian foods fascinating. My boyfriend’s coworker had a vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe that apparently EVERYBODY raves about so he asked her for it. The following is the recipe I received from her. Think of a mix between a cake and a cookie… so basically they’re kind of like cake cookies. I didn’t have chocolate chips so I just chopped up baker’s squares of chocolate (well to be fair my boyfriend chopped up baker’s squares of chocolate). Anywho, they still tasted wonderful and I couldn’t help but immediately eat 3 of them because I’m the type of baker who does enjoy my own creations.

vegan cookies
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Fitness Friday 7/18

This week has been filled with fitness!

Today I went to the Palos Verdes wetlands with Ban for my active rest day and to have a little fun!

me at tidepools

ban tidepools

We didn’t get to see any sea stars, but there were crabs, hermit crabs, sea lions, and CAVES! Really really really cool caves! Continue reading

Nutrition Wednesday: Alcohol


I, like most of my fellow American adults, enjoy a good alcoholic beverage every now and then. Personally, I like Risata Moscato wine that comes in the blue bottles sold at Costco (and I don’t enjoy much else haha). Delish! Unfortunately, I tend to avoid drinking on a daily or even weekly basis, as alcohol tends to have A LOT of calories. I’m here to tell you today though, that if you do drink on a weekly basis or whatever basis, there are benefits to consuming moderate amounts of alcohol. Basically, if you’re an average girl and you drink 1 drink a day or an average male and you drink 2 drinks a day, you lower your risk of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. Please note, I am NOT speaking to the heavy binge drinking college students because let’s be REAL, that type of behavior is NEVER going to be healthy on any level! The following is a list of some tips and information about alcohol that either you may not have known or never considered:

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Fitness Friday 7/11

I LOVE these nail stick-on decals by Sally Hanson (Salon effects) that I bought at the swapmeet for under 2 bucks! I think I’m going to change them up to a Japanese flower design though since my nail polish lasts like 1 day… yeah. Oh and please excuse my little dry child hands.

Pink Nails

I also thought I’d share this funny little contradiction (that is not the word I am looking for but I can’t think of the word!!!). You can get it at an Asian restaurant around my area….and I don’t think it is imitation vegetarian shrimp, if imitation shrimp even exists….

veggie shrimp Continue reading